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  • Enbioment™ Cleanser

    Enbioment™ Cleanser (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 2 fl oz  Microbiome System – Probiotic Balancing Cleanser. DMK Enbioment™ Cleanser, this pH neutral cleanser effectively cleanses the skin and acts as a prebiotic to help remove excess colonies of bad bacteria without stripping the skin of all its good bacteria.  This provides the proper environment for establishing and maintaining a healthy microbiome. Learn more about The…

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  • DMK Milky Clean & Pure

    DMK Milky Clean & Pure (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 2 fl oz  Milky Clean & Pure has the same basic properties as Deep Pore Pure, but with soothing and nourishing herbal extracts. It offers a gentle and soothing solution for lipid dry, fragile and sensitive skin, and for people who prefer a milk texture.  A unique cleansing lotion you will love.

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  • DMK Acu Creme 15 ml

    DMK Acu Crème (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 0.5 oz.  DMK Acu Crème controls congested skin through mildly exfoliating dead skin cells and purifying and controlling excess sebaceous oil. Acu crème is specifically formulated for congested skin which displays fast cell proliferation, excess sebum and a crusty thickened textured skin. Acu crème can also be used by men who suffer from ingrown facial hairs.

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  • DMK Biogen C Creme 15ml

    DMK Biogen C Crème (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 0.5oz  DMK Biogen C Crème is an instant pick-me-up crème designed to tone and tighten dull, tired and stressed skin. Biogen C Crème is specifically designed to revise the signs of ageing and fragile capillaries as well as reactive skin conditions. It can also be used post-surgery on bruised areas.

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  • DMK Creme Citrique 15ml

    DMK Crème Citrique (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 0.5oz  DMK Crème Citrique is a unique crème designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance to regulate oil flow in particularly oily skin. The crème’s gentle citric action brightens and tones the skin and provides hydration while normalising oily skin. This crème is good for freckly, dark, sallow, or oily skin.

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  • DMK Nite Firming Crème (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 0.5oz  DMK Nite Firming crème is a specialized crème designed to revise the signs of ageing. Using a multitude of active specialized ingredients including vitamin C and grape pip extract known for its age-management properties, nite firming crème may be applied around the fragile eye area and is also suitable for use on the neck, décolleté and jowls

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  • DMK Pro Amino Crème 60 ml Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Pro Amino Crème (Travel)

    TRAVEL SIZE 0.5oz  DMK Pro Amino Crème restores balance to youthful skin with Pro Amino Crème. Formulated with the eight essential amino acids, proteins, vitamin C and hydroscopic lipids, pro amino crème contains essential ingredients all necessary for the life of skin cells. DMK Pro Amino Crème is designed for neutral skins without the presence of difficult conditions.

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